Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gary Lucas "Music for the Eden Project" b/w "Q & A" available now for mailorder.
100 on orange vinyl, 200 on green. Orange is only available from 5nakefork and Gary Lucas. ---- CLICK HERE to PURCHASE
check out the great reveiw @ GAPLEGATE GUITAR & BASS BLOG

Back to the Future the Ride "Neutrino Based Lifeforms" c20--still available!
click HERE to get a free MP3 from "Neutrino..." from the GIMME TINNITUS blog!

We will soon have a very limited amount of FMA/Mainey Wilson split 7"s [a Nail in the Coffin/5nakefork split release] available later in December.

The next cassettes out in 2011 will be:

*FluiD "Disruption, Displacement, Disappearance" c30 - art by Jorge Tapia
*The Guilt Of... c15 w/ screened patch - art by Mike IX
*V/A "A Nite at the Drags" c46 featuring Headboggle, David Russell, James Fella/Filthy Grin, Coagulator, Sick Llama, Horseflesh, Totem Mold Growth, Eyes, Living Ghost, Social Junk, and God Willing - art by Jorge Tapia
Foot Village "Fuck the Future II" cassette w/ screened patch



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